Listed below: Published Articles, Published Book

Published Articles

Found below are articles that I wrote for The Current, a student-run publication at Michigan State University. I pitched the ideas for these articles in meetings with the whole team of writers and editors.



Toxic Masculinity in Sports

Playing sports my entire life has helped me realize that toxic masculinity is real. It's real, and it's hurting men all around the world. In a magazine issue that was written to voice issues that other publications might not be bold enough to cover, I felt the need to include a piece about toxic masculinity. I hope that I am, at the very least, able to teach you something new with my writing, and hopefully this new knowledge will blossom into an active voice.

The Cost of Safety

This article meant a lot to me while writing it and it has stayed with me ever since. In this piece, I emphasize the dangers of riding a moped around college campuses. After this was published, it took off on social media, and the family of the girl who I wrote about in the article promoted it and encouraged their friends and followers to read it. This was perhaps the point that I realized how much of a difference someone can make with their writing.

History of Impeachment

This article was a nicely-timed piece that I wrote around the time there were talks of Donald Trump being impeached. I wrote this to inform readers about the concept of impeachment, and I learned a lot while writing it. In the article, I describe impeachment through the eyes of our founding fathers and I explained the situation Trump was in. This article questions if impeachment holds up to what the founding fathers planned, and if it is an effective route in the government today.

Published Book

My self-published poetry book, gibberish: unintelligible or meaningless writing! I started writing poetry in middle school. I started randomly but kept doing it because I enjoyed it so much. I found it an incredibly useful creative outlet, something that I could throw my emotions at. By the time I was a few years into college, I realized that I had A LOT of stuff written. I hired an illustrator to bring visuals to my poetry. It makes the entire experience more enjoyable, in my opinion. I'm very impressed with the work that she did. After receiving the drawings, I had to format each page how I wanted, create the cover, and click submit! I know that it was risky to format and make a cover on my own. I find everywhere that people recommend hiring professionals to help with that. However, I wanted to see what I could come up with. I trusted myself, I've always been creative and artistic, so I had fun doing it. Also, I was a young college student without any money, which might've had something to do with it as well.